Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#315 Surfer Rosa - The Pixies

To be honest, sometimes I had a difficult time resisting the urge to turn off the noise.  Half of the sounds produced by the Pixies I had to keep convincing myself that it was music I was listening to and not an alarm system.

The Pixies seem hard to label.  They have merged so many genres of music into this album that it is hard to have a firm grasp on what "type" of music they produced.  I can hear metal, rock, indie/alternative beats, a dash of jazz, ska, and one or two interludes that try to be funny and fail at humor.  Although this description sounds a lot like The Clash, they really sound nothing like them.

"Where is My Mind" is easily the best song (BY FAR) and the most memorable.  It made me recall the closing scene of "Fight Club" where Edward Norton and the chick who plays Bellatrix LaStrange are watching Project Mayhem in action.  He's got blood seeping out of the two holes in his throat and you're thinking, damn brad pitt and edward norton, one person! Best Day EVER!  And this song fades out the best movie of that decade.  Maybe that totally wasn't the song.  someone correct me if I'm wrong (or don't).  I could look it up or pop in one of the 8 copies of that movie I have laying around.  I'm pretty sure the only music trivia I ever won was claiming it was the Pixies whose song played in the credits.  I remember drunk people screaming "nuh uh, totally Oasis man" "No way dude, 3rd eye blind" and then I sheepishly said, via divine intervention "Twas the pixies.  wear it."  anywho, back to the tunes:

I feel like they made the rest of the album just to release this totally badass song.  And then the director of fight club was like "omfg i have such an easy decision to make.  there is only ONE good song on this album! oh joy!  I choose you."

Kurt Cobain would totally disagree.  Rumor has it, upon my cursory web searchings, that The Pixies deeply influenced him.  So clearly, what do I know?  This band helped make Fight Club and Nirvana?  Score.  Can't say you accomplished that, can you Frank Sinatra, can you?

The Experts (notice they didn't know what to say about the pixies either):

Smack in between hardcore punk and alternative, it was impossible to deconstruct the Pixies' ferocious howl. Their secret weapon was leaping from sweet to screamin' (which Kurt Cobain admitted to boosting): On "Gigantic," Kim Deal sings like Peppermint Patty as the band drives a spike into Eighties rock.

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