Monday, July 18, 2011

#306 Songs for Swingin Lovers - Frank Sinatra

I don't really have much to say except this album was horribly predictable.  Everyone knows who Frank Sinatra is, even me, so that should tell you how overplayed he's been.

There is no denying that Frank's sonorous voice could moisten the granny-ist of panties but that didn't change how bored I got halfway through the album.

I'm probably being too hard on Frank, but he feels so cliched at this point.  I couldn't help but recall that ridiculous Mel Gibson movie "What Women Want" which was basically an excuse to use product placement every three seconds because the movie took place in an advertising firm.  Mel Gibson's character tries to win over Helen Hunt's character as they work together on advertising for the companies who sponsored the movie.  To make it cheezier, the soundtrack is Frank Sinatra (and most of the songs on this album).  I remember this terrible part where Helen tries to do turns around the office and her inability to dance made me as embarrassed for her as I was for Frank through about 40% of his terrible lyrics and easily identifiable euphemisms (1. I wanna go and bounce the moon, just like a toy balloon 2. I wanna go play hide and seek).  I felt like a freaking 8th grader wrote his music.

Anyway, don't bother.  If you've heard one frank song, you've heard them all.

The Rolling Stone People:

Here is an album that means to deny the rock & roll that was then changing America and succeeds. The songs were standards, most ten or twenty years old, and Sinatra and arranger Nelson Riddle were bent on jazzy, hip sophistication. "I've Got You Under My Skin" still stands as a Sinatra high point.

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